A Tool To Create Decentralised Media Companies

a DAO where members own a fraction of a twitter account any member can suggest content to be published content gets ranked in a decentralised way, best content gets published the best contributors own more of the account monetisation by auctioning ad tweets


First Principles Thinking: Incentive Design In Web3

Let's see from first principles why Web3 is a breakthrough in our ability to design incentives, why it matters and what are some concrete examples of this.


What evolution tells us about how to brainstorming?

Brainstorming is about evolving stupid ideas to good, faster. This post is about how to speed up that process.


Can AI optimise governments?

Imagine having an hyper realistic "SimCity" simulation that would show us the best way to rule a city. Wouldn't that be great? What if our SimCity's president was an AI? What would it try to optimise? What would the citizens of the city try to optimise if they were AI too? In this post, we will explore how such a simulator could work.